Continued Enthusiasm for C.A.N.

Seventeen pastors, international workers, and agency representatives met at the Hac Sa Youth Retreat Hostel on Coloane Island in Macau for the 2011 Chinese Anabaptist Network (CAN) meetings.  China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, U.S.A. and Canada were represented.  Unfortunately the pastor from the Mennonite church in Singapore became ill at the last moment and was unable to come.  Each delegate reported on the church and its ministry in their region.  A number of decisions were taken:  1) Each region will do their own translation of materials into Chinese, given that there are differences from region to region.  To avoid duplication, each region will notify CAN of translation projects underway; 2) CAN will take steps to ensure that Chinese Mennonite/Anabaptist churches have access to send participants to be involved in the YAMEN (Young Adult Mennonite Exchange Network) program; and 3) CAN will inform the Mennonite Brethren Chinese churches about this network and invite them to next year’s meetings.  Other discussions included:   a suggestion that CAN could  work with Mennonite Church Canada Witness and Mennonite Mission Network (USA) to help younger Chinese Mennonite churches feel more connected to the greater Mennonite family;  the vision for forming a team of youth from different Chinese churches from different places to be involved in a ministry/service project in China in the near future; and continuing discussion on how the CAN website might be used to inform the different groups.


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The Chinese Anabaptist Network (CAN) was recently launched as a joint effort between Chinese Mennonite and Anabaptist churches and fellowships in East Asia and further afield. Its goal is to provide a forum in which Chinese Anabaptist resources can be exchanged, opportunities for mission/outreach can be discussed, and translation projects can be coordinated. CAN's aim is also to provide opportunities to learn about and from one another regarding what God is doing amongst Chinese Anabaptists.


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